Financial Outreach Committee

Members of the Financial Outreach Committee will work alongside the Sponsorship Executive for projects involving the following: 

  • Coordinating the sponsorship applications/donations for the upcoming events.
  • Research and write/apply for grants.
  • Perform a cost analysis and present an event budget in conjunction to the Events executive.


Members of the Events Committee will work alongside the Events Executive for the following responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with the Events Executive in planning, organizing, and implementing events aligned with ME's cause.
  • Aid in creating and coordinating the event’s volunteer logistics with the Volunteer Executive.
  • Relay event details to the Design Executive.
  • Acquire necessary items and set-up ME events.
  • Collaborate on building a cost analysis for ME events with the Finance Executive.
  • Create and maintain contacts for events.


Members of the Marketing Committee will work alongside the Marketing Executive for projects involving the following: 

  • Maintenance and development of the M.E website and social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • Promotional communication in the form of email and letter writing, with the various organizations that M.E will be in contact with.
  • Responsible for the coordination of timely distribution of posters.
  • Co-ordination of media involving upcoming projects and events