Bridging the gap.

Recharge is an outreach initiative that puts a focus on the issue of street youth and youth homelessness. Through social gatherings and shared activities, youth from different communities and perspectives can learn more about each other, escape the stress of everyday routines or struggles, and restore their spirits and outlook on life. Through Recharge events, we hope to bring attention to the persistent and often ignored problem of disadvantaged and homeless youth in the city.

On February 19, 2015, we organized a fundraiser for the Old Strathcona Youth Society (OSYS), an incredible organization that supports high-risk or disadvantaged youth in Edmonton by providing a safe place to gather and commune.

University students, youth from OSYS and different communities came together to connect over video games and interact with individuals they wouldn’t normally have a chance to socialize with. It was a heartwarming evening of community and compassion, developing interpersonal connections and bridging the gap between youth in Edmonton.

The OSYS Building, off Whyte Avenue

The OSYS Building, off Whyte Avenue

Get Connected.

The Old Strathcona Youth Society (OSYS) is a group formed in 1997, with the vision of supporting street and high-risk youth in a secure place for youth to gather and meet people. The OSYS:

  • Provides support and harm prevention, regarding addiction
  • Provides information to youth about drugs, effects, and addicting substances

  • Allows street youth to enrol in choice activities that they wouldn’t otherwise have opportunities to do such as: piano lessons, art classes, and gym memberships

  • Provides healthy-relationship and self-help workshops