A Connective Experience.

The Street Store is a temporary boutique set up as a unique way of providing clothing to homeless communities. In partnership with Boyle Street Community Services, we will facilitate an environment where a homeless individual can peruse the clothes in the store and choose clothing that fits their needs and liking, interact with volunteers, and have their items carefully packaged and wrapped, just like a shopping experience for anyone else (albeit free of charge)!

Combining customer service and compassion, we want each individual to feel dignified, looked after and cared for during and after their shopping experience.

The intended impact of the Street Store is two-fold; we hope to create transformation in the lives of not only those we reach out to, but also (and especially) in the lives of the volunteers and directors involved with running the Street Store. Through face-to-face interaction with our local communities, we can increase our own awareness and understanding of different experiences and different perspectives.  Our goal is to bring awareness to homelessness in the city, change attitudes, and allow people to see homelessness in a different light.

The Street Store has taken place annually since October 2014. This year’s Street Store will take place on October 20th, 2018.

Clothing Drive

Of course, a necessary component of running the Street Store will be collecting clothing to be made available on the day of the event. Considering the amount of money and attention that our society pays to overpriced clothing items that are infrequently worn, the least we can do is make sure that we pass the clothing on to those who really do need them.


With the Canadian winter fast approaching, appropriate clothing is becoming more and more necessary for members of our local homeless community. Clothing should be lightly used and not in poor condition, and suitable for cold weather. For the purposes of this Clothing Drive, we encourage you to wash the clothes beforehand to ensure proper sanitary condition.

Must be new:
• Underwear
• Hats/Toques

Can be lightly used:
• Backpacks/Reusable Tote bags
• Shirts, hoodies, sweaters
• Pants
• Gloves

Would you like to contribute clothing?

Clothing Drive donations will be collected at our collection boxes until the date of the event. These collection boxes are located at the University of Alberta in these locations:

  • Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA)

  • Rutherford Library

  • Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS)

  • Thelma Chalifoux Hall

  • Lister

  • Van Vliet Complex

  • Business Building Atrium

  • Agriculture/Forestry Building

Contributions will also be accepted in the morning on the day of the event at the Street Store located at Boyle Street Community Services (10116 105 Ave NW).

We also offer a local pick-up option available for those who are unable to bring their donations to these locations. Please email us at multiplyingequality@gmail.com and we will coordinate picking up your donation.

Are you interested in volunteering?

We are looking for a team of positive, motivated individuals who are interested in making a difference in our local homelessness community through a rewarding experience. There are a variety of roles available to suit your preferences. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you have a great time to make this initiative successful!

Possible volunteer roles include:

  • Drivers to help us bring clothing to BSCS

  • Set up and Sorting Clothes

  • Shoe fitting assistants

  • Personal Shoppers

  • Bagging Clothing

  • Facilitators

  • Runners

  • Tear down

If you’d like to volunteer for Street Store 2018, you can click here to get involved!


Past Street Store events.