Executive Positions

The following executive positions are available for the Multiplying Equality student group at the University of Alberta for the 2017/2018 school year. Click here to apply.



  • Attend all meetings and events.

  • Responsible for submitting an update to the Admin Executive at least 24 hours prior to weekly meetings.


  • Set strategic direction and provide guidance for the group.

  • Chairs of the Executive Committee and reports on activities.

  • Network with similar groups in and around campus, to increase partnership and communication and act as the main point of contact for all external organizations.

  • Encourage new members to join M.E and encourage participation from current members.

  • Facilitate the distribution and operations of the merchandising.

  • Possesses signing authority on the group bank account and approve and reimburse expenses.

  • Responsible for the student group’s registration process.

  • Complete annual training with Student Group Services.


Administration EXECUTIVE (Secretary)

  • Gather updates from each Executive member, create and distribute an agenda for the next Executive meeting.

  • Record minutes at weekly Executive meetings.

  • Distribute meeting minutes to all Executive members for their input, additions, and approval, through the use of an action items list.

  • Responsible for all forms of communication with the various organizations and/or services M.E will be in contact with.

  • To be the Administrative Contact on behalf of M.E for Student Group Services (SGS).



  • To plan, organize, and implement student activities organized to bring together students for M.E’s cause.

  • Create and coordinate the event’s volunteer logistics with the Volunteer Executive.

  • Relay event details to the Design Executive.

  • Responsible for the timely execution of marketing pieces with the Marketing Executive.

  • Acquire necessary items for the current event.

  • Perform a cost analysis for the current event with the Finance Executive.

  • Create and maintain contacts for events.


Finance EXECUTIVE (Treasurer)

  • Handle group funds, make regular cash deposits, and approve expenses.

  • Provide monthly updates on M.E’s financial situation at the last meeting of every month.

  • Provide updates at weekly meetings in regards to events and donations.

  • Provide an update on M.E’s financial situation after the events.

  • Must complete annual training with Student Group Services.

  • Possesses signing authority on the group’s bank account.


Sponsorship EXECUTIVE

  • Responsible for coordinating the sponsorship applications/donations for the upcoming events.

  • Research and write/apply for grants.

  • Perform a cost analysis and present an event budget in conjunction to the Events executive.



  • Create and design promotional material for both merchandise and graphics (posters).

  • Print/process promotional material.

  • Responsible for apparel designs and keeping up to date with trending clothing.

  • Response for photo-shoots and organizing media.



  • Maintenance and development of the M.E website and social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

  • Responsible for promotional communication in the form of email and letter writing, with the various organizations that M.E will be in contact with.

  • Responsible for the coordination of timely distribution of posters.


Volunteer Executive

  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment, coordination and participation for events.

  • Plan tabling events and logistics.

  • Plan, organize, and implement student activities organized to bring together students for M.E’s cause. (minimum 1 per academic term).

  • Research new volunteer activities/events.